Art Toy Design: Background Research on Yucca Man

An alleged photograph of Yucca man from the 1990s. SOURCE:

A Brief Historical Background

  • Since the 1970s, when the Mojave Desert base expanded from its World War II encampment, there have been regular reports of new recruits terrorized by both the Yucca Man and pranks inspired by the tales. But most sightings of the spectral creature come from campers and hikers at Joshua Tree National Park.
  • The Natives who lived in California long before European colonization considered these creatures to be supernatural entities, with names that often translated to “hairy devils.” They took care to avoid the gloomy spots where the devils were often seen.
  • The Antelope Valley Daily Ledger-Gazette described the common features of the eyewitness reports in a staff report from June 1973 beneath the headline “Bigfoot Surfaces Again In Palmdale, Nine-Mile Canyon.”
  • “A small boy sent to tell his father supper was ready was found hours later crying near the corral. When asked what happened to him, he answered that a big, furry man would not let him pass.”
  • He is also known as The Sierra Highway Devil or a desert adapted Sasquatch.

Concept Inspiration

Isabelle at a roadside artist colony. Featuring a real joshua tree.





Currently pursuing a BFA in Interactive Media Arts at NYU. Artist, Maker, Thinker, Do-er.

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Julia Fernandez

Julia Fernandez

Currently pursuing a BFA in Interactive Media Arts at NYU. Artist, Maker, Thinker, Do-er.

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